In Country Programmes

Work With Experts

Israel is a small country, with a huge impact.
In Country programmes is a great tool to bring the Israeli know-how to your organisation.
Interacting with Israeli experts will encourage you that it is possible to make changes as well as to take the best advantage of the resources you already have in your work environment to attain outstanding results. During the programmes you realise it is often not about budget or technology yet creativity and proper management.
Israel has proved to be a role model in managing its scarce resources and Israelis specialists are ready and eager to share their experience and partner with you on the road of development.

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By CEO - Carina Baum

Workshop developed to enhance personal and organisational development and commitment. During this programme, participants will be exposed to a variety of hands-on tools and team building strategies. All these are designed to improve understanding and awareness of the role of personal and organisational attitude towards achieving successful results. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn effective and practical skills in leadership, teamwork, think outside the box and more. All based on the Israeli Experience and Mrs. Baum's personal practices.