About Us


Words from the CEO

My name is Carina Rose E. Baum, the founder and CEO of Building Bridges International, (also known as Mama Africa), and I would like to tell you the story behind the Building Bridges.


Several years ago, while working for large international management institute, I discovered the beauty and magic of Africa – from its citizens, cultures and welcoming smiles.  I worked with numerous academic and governmental institutions in Israel and Africa to share knowledge with senior decision-makers and executive administrators.  On my first visit to Angola in 2010, I fell in love with the spirit and ambition of the people there; their eagerness to make a difference, achieve more and reach new goals in many fields of expertise.  I saw an eagerness and curiosity to learn from the Israeli experience, determined to improve existing technologies. 


While working with costumers and partnering organisations in many nations, I witnessed the impact sharing the Israeli experience could make on transitional countries and their emerging economies. This inspired me to create even more opportunities for senior executives and entrepreneurs to acquire the latest Israeli tools and technologies and bring them to their home countries.  

There is a real need for sharing knowledge, from learned academics, to hard-working farmers, from prosperous professionals to industrious students, from the halls of universities and research institutions to worldwide partners.  This is where Building Bridges comes in.

About Us

Building Bridges enables top institutions of learning in Israel to open their doors and classrooms to you.  We offer a variety of training solutions; programmes, seminars, workshops and short courses. We connect you with Israeli experts and scientists who are now able to reach you, along with other professionals, in many languages.  In addition, we offer online programmes.

Our team design’s costumized projects (in Israel and in country in all Sectors  - curriculum is tailored based upon requests partnering organization, Organize VIP/ special pilgrimage tours / Agro -tours.

Building Bridges brings you theoretical and practical Israeli educational programmes.  We handle all the arrangements – planning, logistics and hands-on assistance – and accompany you through the entire process.

Your Israeli experience is only one facet of our service; we keep in close contact with our alumni and partnering institutions, building long-term connections for future projects and partnerships.

Medical Care in Israel: We partner with Rambam’s International Health Care Center, where they offer citizens from across the globe a variety of specialized consultations, treatments and procedures. There, all your hospital needs are taken care of and a personal coordinator is assigned to each patient throughout their healthcare visit.


Please enjoy reading and watching testimonials submitted by our esteemed Building Bridges International alumni.

Looking forward to building bridges together with you,

Carina Rose E. Baum